Friday, April 22, 2011

There's No Time Like....TOMORROW!

I am frantically trying to get those Easter dresses done!

I know, I know....I really should have done it sooner, but it wasn't COMPLETELY my fault. You see, I went to a sewing retreat 2 weeks ago, and my plan was to make all 3 dresses during the course of the weekend. I made great progress, really, I did! Dress #1 was completed except for hemming...who wants to sit at a retreat & hem. That can SO be done at home, right? That's what I thought, too.

Now, on to dress #2. It was complicated. The sleeves were pieced together to create a beautiful wrapped sleeve look. SO worth the trouble, but kinda burned me out by the time the dress was done. I left the hemming for that one, too. It must be tried on....yeah, that's it.

As for #3. Well, I did those blasted wrap sleeves again, and, well, that did it. No more. I wanted to do something (more) fun. So, I put it down with every intention to pick it back up the next day....and the next. Never happened.

I promised myself to get it done first thing after getting home. But, well, you machine had been dropped upon my arrival at the retreat, rendering it useless *special thanks to Lorene for loaning me hers*. I would like to say that I didn't have any other machines...but that would be a lie. I have my old one. But.....who wants to go BACKWARDS??? I had SO been loving that new maching, I really didn't want to regress, ya know.

So, the Wednesday before new machine was ready! No time to sew on Thursday...busy, busy.

Yay! Kids are out of school (good) Friday!!! "Hey Mom...can we go...."

So, here I sit on Good Friday night....about to tackle the rest of the projects.

I really do NOT want to sew on Saturday, and, most especially Sunday morning!!! I have other projects this weekend! LOL

I really think it'll be fine...really, I do.

Would I be posting on my blog if I wasn't the picture of confidence???

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