I have been hard at "work" getting ready for the spring that we are all praying will show up sooner or later.  Here is what I have so far....
is a 2 piece outfit that may be ordered as a set or individually.
 It may also be customized to whatever size & fabrics you desire.
Pinwheelin's top is an A-line jumper that can be made
in any length, size or fabric.
Pinwheelin's banded capri pant is straight, simple & comfy. 
Easy to play in while staying modest.


{Viva la France!}
So much cute here!  The little pompom detail, the polka dots. 
I just love this outfit!
This outfit may be ordered with or without the flower belt. 



This is {Zippy}.
It consists of an appliqued top and either a skirt or capri pant.
Each piece may be ordered separately or as an outfit in any
size & color combination you would like.


Take a look at my *Ordering* page
for information about placing your orders today.
I look forward to hearing from you!

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