Friday, February 14, 2014

Exciting Things COMING SOON!!!

I absolutely can{NOT} believe we are already halfway through February 2014!  Shall I moan about how time it slips through our fingers almost unnoticed while we run around like crazy people???

Nah....why keep stating the painfully obvious truth?

Well, I am excited because I am turning more & more to my trusty little sewing machine(s) to earn some money, & I am

How much fun it is to take beautiful, fun, funky fabrics & create something that my kiddos & yours turn to again & again as their special favorites!
Recently, I met a sweet new friend who shared with me some amazing business tips & ideas that, after lengthy discussions with my business advisor (read: amazing husband), I am planning to put into practice....and am I ever excited. 
{I am pretty sure the level of my excitement was directly related to the fact I had permission to shop for fabric!}
But, I digress....
Here's the part that YOU will get excited about:
Starting March 1st, I will be giving away a complete outfit every month. FREE. 
Again, I say:
Yup...sounds like solid business practice to me.  HA! 
Of course, I will ask a teensy*weensy little favor of my friends & followers in order to be eligible to win --- just help me spread the word about Honeychilds.
That's all. 
I think not!
So.  Stay tuned...I'm gonna go sew...then post what I've done.  You can be sure the clothes will be in the current styles & colors, nothing frumpy or dumpy. 
You will WANT to win. 
On my mark....
Get set....
In the meantime, take a look around my blog...I have TOTALLY redone it...added new categories, pictures & information.  Leave me a some looooooove.
Need something special???  Email me: 

diayoung (at) sbcglobal (dot) net