Monday, April 25, 2011

...Nothing Like the Last Minute...


Yes, it WAS the 11th hour (well, 2:20...and church started at 4:30), but, my girls' dresses were done in plenty of time. We even had company for dinner! kids did the bulk of the cooking. Sheesh...I can't get by with anything!

Seriously, I was very proud of these dresses. Oh, not like head-swelling, chest-puffing proud, but you know, the kind of proud that you feel when you set a goal and then accomplish it. That kind of proud.

My goal this year was to make classic-styled dresses with some special touches & flairs that made each one unique. While the materials were from the same collection (Lily & Will), they were all different colors. I really loved how vintage they looked when all was said & done. about a little "tour de dress"?

DRESS #1: This was literally the first dress I finished. It went together very easily. I really liked it because it was just the right combination of little girl/big girl.

On the sleeves, I added the touch of brown gingham to tie in with the sash & bordered the seam with this beautiful flower trim.

The neckline also got some pretty trim.

I am learning that the smallest details are what make a dress uniquely yours. So, I added the little flowers to the tail of the sash to make it....just so. It turned out so sweet, I think.


The second dress I completed was for sweet miss red. I chose the celery green color to compliment her hair. This pattern was taken from Keri Mecca's "Sewing With Whimsey"...the Puffed Sleeve Dress with the wrap sleeves.

I'll be honest with you...those wrap sleeves...a little tricky-and the reason I put these projects down & waited too long to pick them back up. But, I am very pleased with how the end result turned out.

Some small touches on this dress that gave it a bit of pizzaz are the gathers on the sash and the mini piping on the sleeve band. Oh, and the gorgeous buttons.

DRESS #3...the one that almost didn't get done! Ha! I thought those wrap sleeves were tough...the wrapped bodice was a hoot! :-) This is the exact same pattern as Dress #2, but with the alternate bodice.

So, there they are....the 2011 Easter Collection by HoneyChild's Custom Creations :)


  1. Love them. So I'm putting an order in for next year ;) Love me some puff sleeves!