How to Order:
First of all, let me say how {THRILLED} I am that you stopped by.
Next, I want to let you know that, as a Mom, I understand that your time & money are both precious commodities.  I look forward to working with you to fill your order in a timely & budget-friendly manner.
With all of that said, I will explain how Honeychild's operates. 
1.  Email me at: diayoung (at) sbcglobal (dot) net
2.  Let me know what you are wanting, as well as what size you will be needing it in.  Include photos, if you can, or, if it is from my site, the name of the item. If you have an idea, I will do my best to bring it to reality.
3.  I will respond to you ASAP with a price quote based on the item, sizing & quantity needed.
To give a {BASIC IDEA} of my price ranges:
Cutie*Pie Dresses range from $24 - $40, depending on size. 
Tote Bags/Diaper Bags are:  $40

Embroidered Burp Cloths are Buy 5, Get 1 Free:  $35

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