Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sewing Pats on the Back & Hairdo's

YES! I've been busy! LOL

When I don't post for a long's usually a sure sign that I've been stitchin' up a storm! :)

I just finished




Adorable little somethings for a wondermous friend. Four of which were for BOYS!!!!

Here's the breakdown:

2 pairs of Lil Man PJ's (John Deere & Sock Monkey, thank ya very much)

2 Robot short & appliqued shirts to match for two busy boys

1 Hootie Cutie skirt/top set

Previously, I made a pair of Fancy Nancy pj pants & a matching embroidered Pillowcase. *sigh* so much cute :0)

In case you're wanting to take a peek at the goods...well, we should all say a prayer that the recipient is kind enough to take some great pics of her kids in the clothes, then send them to me so I can post....because I shipped them so quickly


*makes mental note to kick self*

Oh well. :) You may just have to take my word for it. LOL

On a related, although entirely different note, I found a COOL website/blog for those of us with little girls (sorry mommys of boys). She posts----wait for it-----HAIRDOS!!!! much cuteness is there that my fingers get cramped just looking at them. heehee

So, check it out at this site : They are giving away some stuff, too. So it's a win-win thing!

Ok...I'm off for now. Pray for pictures. HA!