Thursday, November 18, 2010

*WeLcOmE tO HoNeYcHiLd'S!*

. . . my new FAVORITE blog!

This has been a while in coming as I have had to put down the creation of it in order to work on the purpose behind it (sewing). A good problem to have, I think!

I decided to get this blog up & running seperately from my family blog in order to make it easier to profile my newest work & to take orders.

This site is still not completely finished, I will be adding several more tabs for you to view. In the works are:

* Fabric Selections

*Christmas/Holiday Outfits


*Hair Do-Dads

and, possibly...

* Boy Stuff!

Please, share this blog with your friends! Put a link on your blog in the sidebar for me (I do plan to figure out how to create a button at some point, too!)

Leave me some comments, orders, ideas, suggestions, sweet words of encouragement, and, if you feel you must, constructive criticism (nah...).

Check back often, order much, have FuN!!!

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